A Scandinavian Connection to File Sharing

Ever heard of The Pirate Bay? If you’re around my age, chances are, you probably have. The Pirate Bay (aka TPB) is a huge file sharing site (started in Sweden–that’s the connection to Scandinavia! And now the rest of my post will choose to ignore that completely) where anyone could find and download free music […]

14 Scandinavian Bands/Artists You Can’t Miss

It’s no secret to my family and friends that I love music. In fact, music is my biggest hobby and one of my main interests. Therefore, in honor of living in Scandinavia, I’ve compiled a list of 14 of my favorite Scandinavian bands and artists (in no particular order)… Enjoy! 1. Figurines (Aalborg, Denmark) 2. […]

A Minority Report Future: Good or Bad?

Years ago, I saw the movie Minority Report for the first time. I enjoy science fiction and action movies, so I really liked the movie, although I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan. I was struck by the way the movie portrayed the future. The Minority Report future is one in which everyone’s decisions and interactions are recorded […]