Internet Ghosts: Take Two

I’m writing about social media and this blog post isn’t required! I guess some of what I’m learning in class is sinking in and making me think a little more…

More and more kids my age are using social media, on more and more sites and platforms. Fortunately and unfortunately, this social media documents our path to adulthood, the good and the bad. From young teen years and up into the early twenties, people are in the period of their lives when they will fundamentally develop into full persons. This basically means that they’re guaranteed to post things they may later regret. While it’s funny to go back through old photos on Facebook, it’s also important to keep tabs on all parts of one’s social media presence.

Now, for the incident that sparked this train of thought…

I saw this guy a few times and thought he was pretty cool. Then, when looking at one of his Facebook posts, I stumbled upon an old blog of his. Now, it actually isn’t that bad, but what I saw just didn’t reflect how I had come to know him. His blog was a side of him I hadn’t seen, and didn’t particularly agree with. Based on what I saw, I just didn’t think it was worth my time to hang out with him anymore.

Who knows if he cares that those thoughts and opinions are out on the web under his name–maybe he’s proud of it! Personally, though, seeing that he once wrote those things (even if he doesn’t still believe them) is enough to prompt me to make a character judgement. So, people, the moral of the story is that you should keep track of your online footprint as carefully as possible, because you never know who may be looking at what!


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