14 Scandinavian Bands/Artists You Can’t Miss

It’s no secret to my family and friends that I love music. In fact, music is my biggest hobby and one of my main interests. Therefore, in honor of living in Scandinavia, I’ve compiled a list of 14 of my favorite Scandinavian bands and artists (in no particular order)… Enjoy!

1. Figurines (Aalborg, Denmark)

2. First Aid Kit (Stockholm, Sweden)

3. ABBA (Stockholm, Sweden)

4. Sondre Lerche (Bergen, Norway)

5. Raveonettes (Copenhagen, Denmark)

6. Urban Cone (Stockholm, Sweden)

7. The Rumour Said Fire (Copenhagen, Denmark)

8. Swedish House Mafia (Stockholm, Sweden)

9. The Royal Concept (Stockholm, Sweden)

10. The Tallest Man on Earth (Leksand, Sweden)

11. Miike Snow (Stockholm, Sweden)

12. Junior Senior (Thisted, Denmark)

13. Donkeyboy (Drammen, Norway)

14. Choir of Young Believers (Copenhagen, Denmark)

And just for fun, this video is always a classic…

A-Ha (Oslo, Norway)


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