Is Big Brother Watching You?

Imagine that it is always possible that you are being monitored, but you have no way of determining whether you actually are being watched or not. This is the premise behind the Panopticon, a building designed to keep inmates in line. The building consists of rooms located in a circle around a single watchtower, from […]

Internet Ghosts: Online Privacy & Information

Did you know that you can easily generate a fake identity? I went to Fake Name Generator to create my alter ego this morning, just to see what it would give me… I filled in my gender as female, my name set as American, and my country as the U.S. The site spit back all […]

14 Scandinavian Bands/Artists You Can’t Miss

It’s no secret to my family and friends that I love music. In fact, music is my biggest hobby and one of my main interests. Therefore, in honor of living in Scandinavia, I’ve compiled a list of 14 of my favorite Scandinavian bands and artists (in no particular order)… Enjoy! 1. Figurines (Aalborg, Denmark) 2. […]

Vi Ses Copenhagen, Hej Berlin

This weekend my friend Lizzy and I decided to pretend like we weren’t poor college students and take a trip to Berlin! It was a much needed break from some drama that was going on in both of our lives. I have been to Germany before, but never to Berlin. Before I left, word was […]

Whose News?

Everything these days is about accessibility and personalization. People, especially young people, want information handed to them, and they want the information to be relevant to them. We are bombarded with a constant stream of media, to the point where news doesn’t spark a reaction unless it directly affects us. I don’t remember a time […]

One Month In…

And I am so European already ūüėČ I’ve been living here in Copenhagen for over a month now, and I can’t believe it! Time is going by so quickly. Last week, I had my short study tour for my Climate Change in a Historical Perspective Class. We traveled to¬†M√łn, which is still part of Zealand, […]

A Minority Report Future: Good or Bad?

Years ago, I saw the movie¬†Minority Report¬†for the first time. I enjoy science fiction and action movies, so I really liked the movie, although I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan. I was struck by the way the movie portrayed the future. The¬†Minority Report future is one in which everyone’s decisions and interactions are recorded […]